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Angel figurines are an increasingly popular collectible theme. Made of wood, resin, porcelain or crystal material they can often be added to collectors’ collections upon celebrating significant life milestones like marriage or having children.

Sister Helen Scasny’s collection of angels at Light of Hearts Villa has garnered worldwide acclaim. A recent article in Crux, an international Catholic news magazine, profiled its display.


Swarovski’s Angel Figurines make an excellent addition to any collector’s glass or crystal collection. Crafted with exquisite ornamentation and sensitive facial characteristics, these figurines go beyond being simply decorative pieces; they come in different styles as limited editions that hold their value better than non-limited editions.

Add something unique to your collection with African American angel figurines featuring crystal wings attached to porcelain bodies. These popular collectibles often command high prices at flea markets or resell shops; others collect them religiously while still others seek authentic ones for reselling purposes. No matter why or for what purpose, always look for authentic ones as this will ensure their value remains intact.


Lladro has become one of the premier brands for porcelain figurines and sculptures. Their exquisite works of art make great presents on any special occasion.

Lladro angels are an exquisite showcase of the artists’ skills, who master the subtlety and perfection of posing. Additionally, these figures can convey emotions like hope, love and faith with an unforgettable image that captures moments in time.

The China Shop carries an assortment of retired Lladro figurines from Thomas Blackshear’s Ebony Visions line – figurines which combine African American culture with Art Nouveau for collectors of contemporary art. Our rare and collectible figurines can be found in mint condition online or at our Canterbury location of 20 Burgate Street.


Collectible Angel figurines hold special meaning for many individuals for various reasons, whether as symbols of peace or for their beauty. Whatever the motivation may be, finding authentic Meissen angels should be part of any collection.

Meissen porcelain factory boasts an illustrious and varied past. Their first mark, introduced in 1723 to identify their products and prevent forgeries, replaced KPM’s previous inscription and featured an intricate cross with sword detailing.

Meissen artists were known for creating figures of stock characters from Italian comedia dell’arte theatre, such as harlequins, foolish old men and devious servants from Italian comedia dell’arte performances. Additionally they made tableware pieces featuring historical-themed ornaments made specifically to appeal to collectors.


Charles III of Naples wanted his porcelain factory outside Naples to produce soft-paste porcelain that rivaled that produced by other European royal factories, so in 1743 he hired two “arcanists” (experts on exotic raw materials) who experimented with various raw materials until they found the ideal recipe.

Capodimonte porcelain’s distinctive appearance and feel come from its creamy white glaze that reflects painted pigments, created through the brothers’ efforts.

The son of the king also created the “Capodimonte” mark, allowing other porcelain manufacturers to label their products with this mark. Ginori became widely recognized during this era; today they continue making Capo-di-Monte porcelain that features delightful, humorous narratives as well as exquisite craftsmanship.


Buffy fans will delight in this collectible featuring Joss Whedon’s popular television show as seen through Joss’ eyes: featuring Buffy as both magazine article and handcrafted figurine, with limited quantities being produced and expected high demand.

Raphael packed an incredible amount of living into his short lifetime. He left behind many iconic paintings while helping shape Renaissance art movements; unfortunately he died at 37 for reasons which remain obscure.

Collectible angel figurines make great presents for many occasions, often coming with special messages to add some flair to any home decor. Many collectors choose an angel statue to commemorate significant milestones like weddings or anniversaries, while others purchase one solely for personal or spiritual reasons.

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