Afternoon Siem Reap Floating Village Tour

Afternoon Siem Reap floating village tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey into Cambodia’s most attractive floating village. Visit Kompong Phluk, home to fishermen who rely on their skills to survive in this unique environment.

Discover how villagers have bravely adapted to some of the most inconceivable conditions. Tours include visits to a pagoda and local market, a boat excursion, and watching the sunset on Tonle Sap Lake.

Enjoy the scenery

After exploring the Temples of Angkor, head out on the waters of Tonle Sap Lake for an eye-opening experience. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the lake is unique because fresh and saltwater tributaries reverse their direction throughout the year, creating an unlikely ecosystem. You’ll be taken to Mechrey floating village, where you’ll see how locals live right above the water.

As you cruise along the waterways, keep an eye out for wild birds and migratory flora and fauna. It’s a truly otherworldly sight and one of the best things to do in Siem Reap after Angkor Wat. Before booking your tour, compare prices and inclusions to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Choose a reputable tour company that employs knowledgeable guides to provide an authentic, informative experience. Also, make sure to dress appropriately and respect the culture of the community you’re visiting.

Explore the stilted village on foot

Afternoon Siem Reap floating village is a unique experience. Whether you opt for the land-based villages of Mechrey or the water-bound villages of Kompong Phluk, the sights and sounds will leave you awestruck.

When choosing a tour, look for a company that prioritizes authenticity. Rather than being a big-ticket tourist trap, the floating villages should feel like a genuine village where real people live out their daily lives.

In addition to the jaw-dropping scenery, a good tour will also provide fascinating insights into local life. For example, you can learn about the unique architectural features of the houses and how residents adapt to living on the water.

A top-rated tour will offer a flexible schedule and the undivided attention of your guide. This ensures that you receive a personal, customized experience, creating an indelible memory of the Cambodian countryside. Choose an experienced guide with an in-depth knowledge of the floating village and its culture. Also, make sure to compare prices and inclusions to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Cruise the waterways

After a visit to a local market or pagoda, take a motorized boat tour to see the incredible floating communities. Learn how people bravely adapt to some of the most unfathomable circumstances, all with beaming smiles.

The best floating village tours in Siem Reap offer an honest glimpse at life on the water. They aren’t staged or fake—and they also provide a way for the villages to profit from tourism rather than simply supporting it.

A great option is the Floating Village and Cycle Tour with Triple A Adventures Cambodia. This tour takes you to Chong Khneas, where the village dwellers live in houses that move with the tides. It’s one of the most authentic experiences available. Plus, the money you spend on this tour goes directly to the village residents rather than a private travel company.

Enjoy the sunset

After exploring the village on foot, hop back on your boat and cruise through Tonle Sap lake to admire the breathtaking scenery. Observe how locals adapt to living on the water and enjoy the ambiance as the sun begins to set.

During the wet season, high water levels transform the landscape, making it feel like you’re sailing through an otherworldly wonderland. Wet-season visits provide jaw-dropping photo ops and an immersive boating experience, while dry-season tours offer an opportunity to explore the stilted houses on foot.

With an intimate experience in a small group, this tour provides the perfect introduction to Cambodia’s iconic cultural landmarks. Your guide will offer fascinating insights into the culture of Kampong Phluk, and you’ll have ample opportunities to interact with villagers as you take in the stunning scenery. After the sunset, your guide will return you to your hotel. Make sure to share your unforgettable experience on social media! It’s a great way to inspire others to explore the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Cambodia.

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