Advantages of Whatsapp Business Automation for your Event

Advantages of Whatsapp business automation for your event

Businesses can use WhatsApp to send boarding tickets, shipment alerts, order notifications, product demonstration videos, verification codes, and appointment reminders. It also supports two-way consumer surveys and supports messages. It has a closer, more individualized, and global scope. And the end-to-end encryption that makes WhatsApp so dependable protects it. WhatsApp Business Automation may raise the degree of engagement in your company discussions if used properly.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Automation

Why is it necessary to spend your valuable time and effort setting up WhatsApp Business Automation? Here are a few significant advantages that will demonstrate this is appropriate for your upcoming On-Ground Events.

Event Ticketing

With the help of this service, people can quickly reserve their spots for the day and take in the event without having to spend hours waiting in lines. Attendees can use WhatsApp for event tickets.  It’s exactly like purchasing movie tickets! Users may simply share their booking receipts via a variety of channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, and emails. 

To enter the event, all you have to do is scan the QR code. This characteristic is distinctive in some way. Users can also upload a photo and generate a non-transferable personalized ticket with their names on it. You may quickly learn more about the event attendees with the aid of Whatsapp event registration, and your data-related actions and conversations are safe and protected.

Push notifications

The new Push Notifications functionality makes it simple to send any event updates to users or the audience. Receiving information about forthcoming events and attending them is quite convenient for guests. All types of user-end data are now easily trackable with the aid of various touch points during WhatsApp chat thanks to recent additions like chat booths.

Sending reminders

WhatsApp is a really useful tool for following up on reservations, appointments, activities, and other things. In the end, it is the information that must be quickly communicated to your customer. Reminder messages are so effective at improving client satisfaction. They frequently find out what methods you employ to obtain follow-ups.

Greeting new customers 

The first consumer interaction that must go well is your welcome WhatsApp message. You won’t have to stress about missing deadlines or losing track of all the “Hello” messages you need to react to thanks to WhatsApp automation solution for business. Create a multipurpose welcome message that captures the essence of your company and can hook a consumer in the first few seconds of communication. WhatsApp business automation will be on your side in this situation because it allows you to rapidly greet consumers and set up various messages.

Marketing and promotion via WhatsApp Business Automation

WhatsApp has the potential to be a very powerful marketing tool. It works well as a direct communication tool. Key communications metrics like the number of delivered and read messages are very well provided by the WhatsApp API for Business. Additionally, you may route ad traffic directly to WhatsApp using Facebook’s ad targeting feature, which can increase conversion rates.

Customers from all over the world can see your products’ photos, brief video clips, audio files, and text messages via WhatsApp. There are fewer format constraints and a higher likelihood of delivery when compared to SMS or email. You can send marketing messages to both individual and group customers using WhatsApp automation. Customers’ offers and discounts can be tailored to them specifically, increasing overall sales. You may also remarket on products and services and remind customers to make purchases using WhatsApp automation.

Live Engagement

Bring interactive features to the WhatsApp communication tool to increase live event engagement at your event. Using WhatsApp automation and integration, you can increase engagement and interactivity of your event for everything from live polling and Q&A sessions to getting quick and pertinent feedback.

Database marketing

Create customized audience-based campaigns and launch them in advance of the event. Through WhatsApp automation and API connection, you may effectively achieve your event marketing goals for non-transactional messaging and promos. Additionally, you can improve the performance of the campaign by adding material in many formats, CTAs, and rapid reply tabs, and monitoring the entire campaign by analyzing the metrics.

Event management help desk

Managing every part of the event is a difficult task. For every event to be managed successfully, a wide range of factors must be taken into account. Where WhatsApp comes in is in this situation. More than 1000 customers may effortlessly engage via WhatsApp Business APIs and receive prompt service thanks to its event helpdesk. Whatever your sector, WhatsApp marketing is a smart approach to increase your conversion rates. 

Collect feedbacks

If you are going to host an event, you can collect event Feedback via Whatsapp technology. Sending all your concerns or queries to your clients via WhatsApp is a better choice than calling each and every consumer to get their valuable input. Recent statistics show that WhatsApp has an open rate of about 70%, making it the best platform for marketing. You can only contact them through the app after receiving feedback, and doing so quickly gives you the ability to modify your offerings.

Not only that, but it also enables you to design innovative questions that match your brand and improve client contact in an unobtrusive manner. Using WhatsApp for event marketing makes it simpler to collect user information and insightful data that can be used to make future improvements.

Keep the Conversation Going

Keep in touch with those who contacted you before and during the event after it is over. Responding to post-event inquiries from participants, using the Broadcast List tool to send out surveys or alert the list when registration opens for the conference the following year, or sending customized invitations to particular attendees are all examples of how this can be done. According to attendance preferences, planners can construct tailored lists to ensure that communications are pertinent to the audience.

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