The History of the Adidas Somas


In the adidas somas long-running and ever-changing relationship with the basic sneakers, it’s an accepted fact that the sleek silhouette is essential to every fashion-conscious person’s closet. Each season a plethora of top shoes are launched. Before the fashion crowd picks one to swoon. Over for a while there are a variety of. Options from new balance and nike have held. The top spot in the past. But this season is focused on Adidas Samba.

Bulky Sneakers

The samba which is available in black. White colors it is a distinct style. From the bulky sneakers which have gained. The forefront of popularity in recent years. It’s a cycling shoe that’s technically one, this shoe is extremely easy to dress thanks to its simple design. The white version has definitely been. One of the seasons coolest shoes. In white as evidenced through the way. It’s alwayssold on Adidas their website. It’s also been a constant for my Instagram and Pinterest feeds recently. 

However glad to say that the version. In black is in stock and has gained. Popularity in the past few weeks. I own one pair of black Sambas and wear them on a regular rotation. A note to consider i noticed that. They can weigh a lot so. You should think about the size. Before buying one for yourself.

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Frenzied Shoe

One of the most recent celebrities. To be seen in the frenzied shoe. Kendall jenner a longtime fan of. The design who has styled. It with a lot of her outfits for work. Recently jenner wore the white sambas. With an oversized white skirt. A tank top in green while. Out shopping los angeles. It appears that models are alike: Kaia Gerber has also been seen wearing the shoe recently however the black shade. The model paired the shoe with black pants, a denim jacket, a matching blue plaid bag and black square-shaped sunglasses.

Long Standing

Affirming her long-standing love for her beloved Adidas Samba sneaker, in the summer Jenner dressed her black pair with a pastel multicolored short set at Los Angeles. Jenner complemented her casual outfit with an large leather bag and a pair sleek back sunglasses. Another early adopter of this style one of the early adopters is Bella Hadid, who has included the style in her street style outfits from late March 2022. 

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Bella has styled her sneakers in various ways since the time she first wore them. She was seen wearing them with a pencil skirt in plaid as well as the blue pullover sweatshirt with white tubes socks. She’s also seen to follow Jenner’s style and dress her outfits more casually, wearing loose-legged jeans and a basic grey crop top. Harry Styles, meanwhile, has also been sporting various vibrant Samba alternatives from Adidas on his most recent world tour, which has proven their non-sexy appeal.

Jenner and Hadid’s

The best thing about black sneakers such as these is that they are able to easily be incorporated into the rest of the outfit when winter and fall weather is approaching. The two of Jenner and Hadid’s latest outfits show that Adidas Sambas can be worn just as well in shorts and t-shirts as a lot of layers, and tighter hemlines.

In addition, like every one of our top loafers or ankle boots which are currently in our shoe collections the simple, traditional black sneakers such as the Sambas are a great choice to wear with a variety of winter basics, including professional-looking trousers that are tailored or a stylish and black slip-skirt. The Sambas are priced from $75 to $130 . They can be purchased below on Adidas on their website. Scroll down to browse the black and white alternatives here.

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