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When it comes to new technology, the big bright features take center stage. The Dynamic Island, a camera cutout that varies based on how you use your iPhone, is, of course, the star of the iPhone 14 Pro. While Apple promotes the island as a hub for notifications and background chores, its actual value may come from the unique applications created by third-party developers. For example, you may use your 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island to house a Tamagotchi-style pet.

Of course, Apple does not make this option available in the settings (although they totally should). Instead, it’s a function invented by iOS developer Christian Selig, who is best known for his Reddit client, Apollo, and Implosion, an app for converting AMP links to regular URLs. Selig placed a cat on top of Dynamic Island for this Tamagotchi-inspired feature, and its primary function is to run around, look pretty, and sleep, living the dream.

Hugo, named after Selig’s real-life cat, is the name of the cat, but it isn’t the only animal available for your 14 Pro Tamagochi. You may also pick from the Dynamic Island Zoo’s “Pixel Pals” Rupert the dog, Chorley the hedgehog, Finnegan the fox, and Mochi the axolotl.

The one (big) drawback is that these digital creatures cannot accompany you as you use your iPhone 14 Pro. Unfortunately, Selig can’t make Hugo, Finnegan, or Chorley slumber on your Dynamic Island while you tweet, TikTok, or email your buddies. Instead, the functionality is built into Apollo, which means you have no choice but to start using Reddit right now.

While there are paid tiers at Apollo, Selig offered the Dynamic Island Zoo for free. You’ll find the option in the Apollo app in Settings > General > Pixel Pals if you have the newest version of the software and an iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max.

Other iPhones can use Pixel Pals, too

If you don’t have an iPhone 14 Pro, you can still play Pixel Pals. Pixels Pals is now an Apollo widget option for iOS 16’s customized Lock Screens, thanks to Selig. You can view your Pixel Pal whenever you want if your iPhone supports Apple’s newest update and you have the Apollo app loaded.

Long-press the Lock Screen, then touch “Customize,” then choose a widget area to bring up the Add Widgets option. Swipe over to “Pixel Pal” after tapping “Apollo.” You may add a tiny or big Pixel Pal widget to your Lock Screen, allowing you to have two, three, or four Pixel Pals on screen at the same time.

Hugo the cat will be displayed by default when you add a Pixel Pal widget on the Lock Screen. To switch the animal, tap the widget, then tap “Cat (Hugo)” to replace it with one of the other four buddies.

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