Accessories That You Might Need When Working With A Polyurea Pump


Concrete is a medium that is used for commercial as well as residential areas. Interior designers can ensure increased flexibility through their color and texture. This whole process needs a lot of maintenance and installation to avoid cracks. There are some specific cracks that are made in concrete intentionally, known as control joints.

It is necessary to fill in these control joints to ensure a good job when the concrete is dried out. There are two types of joint fillers in the market: polyurea and epoxy. Polyurea works the best as it consists of two fillers which make the job easy and quick.

Every excellent tool needs some outstanding accessories to stand out and perform better. The pump can be installed with multiple water pump accessories which makes the job easier to do. Here are a few accessories that you can consider buying:

Crack Chaser

This helps you in cleaning away all the unwanted debris from the cracks. You will have smooth and clean cracks to work on with the crack chaser. They usually come in hand-held designs and are lightweight, making them optimal for any kind of repairs. Some higher-end models come installed with diamond blades for high-quality repairs.

Power Inverter

It is a must-have when working with a polyurea pump, as it acts as a great convenience. Go for the cordless option as it would enable you to get those tight spots without worrying about managing the cord every now and then.

Sometimes power sources are not located at easy locations, that is where a power inverter can help you.

Replacement Tanks

It is a good call to have replacement tanks for the pump on hand. If any issues get in your way with the current tank, you can always change and equip a replacement tank. Be rest assured about future repairs with any hassles like stuck debris and hard cleaning.

Replacement Pump

As we know, the materials used in the pump are the kind that dries out fast. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the pump quickly. Most pumps tend to get damaged by this issue, so it is vital to have a spare pump. Replacement pumps are much easier to clean and easy to use too.


So, here were some top-notch accessories that would enhance your experience with a polyurea pump. You can also hire a contractor if you want the work to be done more professionally. Nevertheless, it is an easy job if you choose the right and optimal pump with appropriate water pump accessories. Therefore, it can be a DIY project for your next weekend.

Pipe Beveller Machine

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