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Get more visitors with ‘Google News’.

Why is Google News good news for us?

Google News attracts thousands of visitors every hour. Now you can use this traffic every day of the year. Do you think you can get more traffic to your site, even if it’s just a little bit?

Of course you do. You will have thousands of visitors. They also target traffic from around the world. Excellent traffic for any business!

If you find stories about your business in Google News, you can double or quadruple your traffic in a matter of days. 30 days ago, but the news archive was 200 years ago. If you do it right, we will cover every step.

How can you increase traffic to your website with Google News?

You must be a Google famousnewsmag publisher. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be The Times or The Wall Street Journal. You can easily set up your news website. Do a Google News search and you’ll find it’s pretty simple. However, you must have the best materials.

If you create a news site with a lot of information about your niche. (Search Google for useful content and create your own!) Your news site will be indexed by Google News. You’re inundated with targeted visitors. With all credit cards. Ready to buy!

To drive traffic to a website advertising your business, you should place a prominent link on the homepage of the news site.

Google advises on its website. Some information is very difficult to find. Don’t forget!

Google News Optimize your news site directly from Google!

Technical requirements: Article URL

To be included in Google News, your article’s URL must meet the following guidelines:

Each of your pages that display the full text of a particular article should have a unique URL. We cannot include Google News sites that display more than one article under one URL or that do not link to individual pages for each article. is .

It is constant. For example, we can’t see the page. If page tells a different story every day, make sure the links to our articles are working properly. Each news site article should be linked to a unique URL, and the URL should be uniform (i.e., non-repetitive).

Specify Three Digits Each article URL must contain at least three unique digits. For example, we cannot view articles at this URL: But we can look at the articles. URL: Note that if an article contains the same four digits as the year, for example, we cannot. gathering. data. ” is.

Six things to fix

1) Study these technical details carefully. You must do what they say. Then create your news site.

2) Don’t put banners advertising affiliate products on your page.

(3) Do not place PPC ads on your page.

4) Adequately advertise for your business. Each ad has a separate link to the landing page.

These links should be used wisely in the “news” you create, search Google for news or other content and use your links to add them to stories.

(5) Make sure your customers are well aware of what they want to buy and are willing to follow your links.

(6) One of the most important things is every viralmagazinehub  article and industry report. Or the analysis on your news site must be 100% original and consistent with the original.

You have to do this yourself when starting out. But your business can grow and grow. The best thing to do is to outsource this news and articles. Then search Google to find these companies.

For this purpose, your news content must be structured according to the strict technical requirements set by Google News. Your newsletter content should be updated at least three or four times a week. Keep your news site updated daily if possible.

Each day takes a certain amount of time. Thousands of visitors come to your site.

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