9 Self-Improvement Apps You Should Download on Your Phone for 2023

Self-Improvement App

Today’s smartphones are almost like miniature computers. These days you can do a lot more than just make phone calls. You can collect numbers, take notes, take pictures, play games and watch videos. The app store has thousands of self-improvement apps, many of which can dramatically improve your life in a variety of ways. Young people are often told to “get off the phone” to be productive, but here’s a twist: now you can learn new things with your mobile device! Here are some awesome self-improvement apps that can help you stay productive even when you’re on your phone.

9 Best Self-Improvement Apps

1. Journy

Journy is your personal development planner. The app will help you get rid of your bad habits and get you out of your rut. It helps you find inspiration, keeps you motivated and helps you create and achieve new goals in various areas such as health, character development, mental health, finances, fitness and relationships.

Journy allows you to follow leaders from around the world and helps you choose goals that fit your lifestyle well in various areas such as Fitness, Finance, Mindset, Career, Relationships and Character Development. Engage in modules that work better for you. Think your way through the obstacles and ride out refurbished like a champion. Take notes to help yourself and improve your traits every step of the way.

Format: Online, mobile app for iOS and Android

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the world’s most popular ways to learn a second language. This app makes it easy to complete daily lessons in Spanish, German, Chinese, and anything else you want to learn. The app uses colorful badges and small games to make learning fun. The best part? It’s completely free.

3. Serenity

Want a way to improve your memory, mood, concentration and cognitive abilities? This app will help you with that. Meditation is one of the most effective methods you can use to exercise your brain. Serenity provides a daily guided meditation that teaches you how to focus on your breath and quiet your thoughts.

4. Daily yoga

Yoga is another way to practice mindfulness. A private yoga class can cost hundreds of dollars and requires you to be present at specific times. Daily yoga lets you get in all the home exercise you need. You can fit it into your schedule whenever you see fit.

5. Forest

Here’s an app that seems almost counterproductive — it wants you to stay away from your phone. This free self-improvement app turns to stay away from your phone into a game. First, you plant a seed that will hopefully eventually grow into a tree. You then set a timer for how long it will take for the tree to grow. Then put your smartphone away until the timer expires. If you check your phone or open the app, Forest will immediately notify you with a message to return to your forest. Once you click on the notification, you’ll see the progress of your growing tree along with a message telling you to stop messing around.

6. Evernote

Evernote is an amazingly simple app with an even simpler premise: note-taking. You can download an app for your phone or computer that will sync seamlessly with each other. It’s a great way to jot down thoughts or ideas instantly. With over 100 million users, Evernote is one of the most popular productivity self-improvement apps in the world.

7. Udemy

Being an adult is no excuse to stop learning. Udemy offers a variety of courses for almost any subject you’d like to learn—stock trading, time management, article writing, drawing, photography, and everything else under the sun. Make sure you buy classes when they go on sale, which happens often, as prices drop dramatically. Alternatives include Skillshare and Khan Academy. SoloLearn and Grasshopper also work for wannabe coders.

8. Pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro timer is one of the classic productivity techniques. All you do is set a timer for 25 minutes and work tirelessly during that time. You might be tempted to check your phone or browse the internet, but the constant ticking of the timer will quickly get you back on task. Once the bell rings, you have five minutes to break before you resume work. This is a fantastic phone self-improvement app, although PC workers can install an alternative browser extension called FlowTime.


In the vein of Asana and Trello, is another productivity and work management app that you can take anywhere. It’s a great way to organize your work. You can assign tasks to users and have them track them, mark tasks as complete, and upload relevant documents.


Phones aren’t always as bad as most people make them out to be. You just have to be careful how you spend your time. Don’t scroll through Instagram for hours and hours. Rather, use specific self-improvement apps that help you stay focused.

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