8 Sibling Games to Help Keep the Peace

Sibling Games

Kids love to play games, and younger kids are no exception. Whether you’ve got siblings of your own or have nieces and nephews that visit your home often, you can never have too many fun games on hand. Rather than relying on traditional board games, try looking online for interactive web-based games that siblings can play together from their own computers. Once you’ve found some games the whole family will enjoy, take a look at this list of eight sibling games to help keep the peace between brothers and sisters in your house.


This game is a classic and can be played in many ways. One of the easiest ways to play is for a group of people, with one person acting out a phrase or word while other players guess what it is. The actor may use any form of body language as long as they do not say anything, but this also means that there are fewer clues for their teammates to go off of. If you want to make it more difficult, have everyone but one teammate act out words so that only one person gets all of the clues.

20 Questions

1. What is your favorite movie?

2. If you could eat any food for free, what would it be?

3. What would be your favorite dinosaur if you could pick one?

4. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

5. Is there a song that reminds you of someone or something special in your life? 6. Who is your best friend? 7. Do you have a pet or animals that are important to you and why?

Mind Reading

One of our favorite games is Mind Reading. One person thinks of a word or phrase and then everyone else tries to guess what it is by asking each other questions.

For example, one person might say, I’m thinking about an animal that starts with the letter Q. The first question would be: Does it have four legs? If someone guesses correctly, they get to think of a new word or phrase. If not, they’re out and someone else can take their turn. Whoever guesses the most words or phrases wins!

This game encourages kids to pay close attention and listen carefully while also helping them practice their vocabulary skills.

Killer Scavenger Hunt

The goal of this game is for one person (adult or child) to go somewhere while the others try and figure out where they are. This game can be played in a variety of ways.

One example is that everyone stays in a room and one player leaves, then when they return, no one else can enter until he/she says Killer scavenger hunt and then everyone who guessed correctly gets an award.

Design an Adventure Game

In this game, one player is a cat who needs to find food. The other players are mice, who are trying to avoid being eaten by the cat.

Photocopy Pictionary

Pictionary is a great game for siblings because it’s a cooperative game. Players work together to create clues and guesses, so it’s all in good fun. Plus, each player has his or her turn, so everyone gets their time in the spotlight.

Blanket forts are allowed too

Blanket forts are a great way for siblings to have fun together! Once you have your fort made, go outside with your sibling and find as many things as you can that are brown. You will need one item per family member. Spread out your items and start taking turns. The first person picks up an item, says what it is, and then throws it back into the pile.

Make up your own game. There’s plenty of room in your back yard/basement/lawn/living room/garage. You pick where!

This is a collaborative game for two or more people. Start by drawing a line on the ground in chalk, or use a rope. Pick a team, and stand on either side of the line. The goal is to get your teammate across it, without touching it and have them jump back over it, before you do. If you touch the line, then that person has to go back and start again.


As kids, we spent countless hours playing with our siblings, whether it was in the backyard, inside the house, or at grandma’s house during one of our many family reunions. No matter where we were or what we were doing, there was always some sibling fun to be had! Here are eight sibling games from my childhood that I think are still fun and could easily be played by today’s siblings!

If you have siblings, you’ve probably had your fair share of fights and squabbles as you vied for your parents’ attention or fought over who got to use the computer first. Luckily, there are some great games out there that you can play with your siblings, both indoors and out, that can help you get along better and even enjoy each other’s company on occasion! These eight sibling games are all fun ways to bond with those closest to you.

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