7 Must-Know Tips for Designing the Custom Blunt Boxes

Custom Blunt Boxes

For most buyers, buying something totally depends on its packaging. An appealing product packaging looks like happiness personified. Using an alluring and communicative packaging box design is an effective marketing strategy. Packaging that communicates with your buyers, helps in increasing their trust in your brand. Many brands in the retail market are selling cannabis blunts. To make your way through such a big competitive market, you must use customized boxes for the packaging of high-quality blunts. So, let’s design enticing Custom Blunt Boxes for the blunts that leave a strong and lasting impression of your brand on the consumers.

Some useful tips for designing custom blunt boxes are shared below.

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Choose the Right Packaging Box

Choosing the right packaging box is most important for sturdy and durable product packaging. Consult material analysts to get suggestions on choosing the right packaging for specific products. They first inquire about the product’s nature and dimensions and suggest everything accordingly.

For example, kraft or cardboard material is usually used for crafting the custom blunt box packaging. The right packaging box ensures an appealing appearance and long-term protection of products.

Don’t Ignore the Packaging Box Practicality

Don’t indulge so much in the design that you ignore the functionality of your product packaging. In fact, the practicality of the product packaging boxes should be the top priority. The design of product packaging can never fascinate the consumers if it’s not offering maximum protection to the products or is uneasy to open.

Choose a box style that is easy to assemble, so that it takes less time for the employees to pack the cannabis blunts in the Custom Blunt Boxes. Moreover, the design of a packaging box is of no use if it doesn’t support the safe delivery of items to consumers.  

Know Your Target Audience

The best way to know the interests of your target audience is to do market research. Understanding their issues and demands helps you to understand how you should design your blunt boxes wholesale. This makes it easy for you to differentiate yourself from other brands in the market. Moreover, if you provide services according to customers’ demands, they’ll shop more and it will increase your sales.

Consult a Graphic Expert

When someone plans to launch a new product in the market, the first thing they think about is its packaging. Appealing custom blunt boxes are compulsory for attracting customers to your cannabis blunts.

If you have any design ideas, just share them with your packaging box manufacturers. But if you are not much into the designing field then hire a graphic expert, share the details he asked about your brand and product and leave the rest to him. Professional designers first understand the product needs and then craft a design that helps in building a strong brand persona.

Build A Packaging in Line with Your Brand

Make packaging that resonates with your brand theme. Use brand logos and colors to bring consistency to your brand and product packaging.

For example, if your brand logo has cheerful and bright colors in it, ordering dark-colored wholesale blunt boxes will not make any sense. Rather, it will turn off that synchronization mode and will be no more appealing to the buyers. This is why building in-line packaging with your brand is very important as it can have a huge impact on product sales and your brand reputation.

Extend the Designing to the Inside of the Cannabis Blunt Packaging

Usually, when we talk about designing a custom box, it is generally about the designing of its outer surfaces. However, you can offer a more premium look to your packaging by designing its inner faces. 

Continue printing your design inside the custom blunt boxes and see the spell they cast on the customers. Besides printing the same design, you can also go for reverse design printing inside the box. However, don’t let this customization exceed your packaging budget. If it costs you more, you can either use freebies to put a stronger impact on the consumers.

Make the Company Logo Visible

Boxes with brand logos have a powerful impact on buyers. Printed company logos is the main feature that lets your product stand out from all others. That’s why pay more attention to the design of your brand logo so that it shines brighter and uplifts the visual appeal of your Blunt Boxes.

Use stylish fonts to print the logo and enhance its charm using the latest printing and finishing options. Try foil stamping to make your logos more visible so that the customers spot your products from a distance. 

ConclusionGetting suitable and appropriate packaging for your products helps in increasing brand recognition, attracting potential consumers, and uplifting product sales. Just design your boxes with great care and get the classy custom blunt box wholesale at discounted prices to earn more profit and boost company sales.

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