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7 marketing ideas for your tech sale this Black Friday

7 marketing ideas for your tech sale this Black Friday

Black Friday is arguably the biggest day for retail throughout the year. You will probably make the most sales around this time than during any other point of time. Tech products are in high demand on Black Friday, with countless deals going around. People often delay their tech purchases to Black Friday to get the best possible prices. So, you need to make sure people come to you for their tech needs.

The only way to ensure is through highly effective marketing. You need to plan out your Black Friday marketing campaign at the beginning of the quarter, and be ready to launch when the time comes. When you have a set of deals and discounts decided, then you can plan your marketing practices around these. Here are a few promotion tips to get you started.

Run an email marketing campaign

Launch an email marketing campaign around a month or so before Black Friday. This should offer teasers of what you have to offer, and also let people know about the exciting deals and discounts you have in store. Use the technology email templates on PosterMyWall to highlight your products on sale. These will let you showcase all your deals and give some information about the products as well.

Make sure your email lists are in order and that you’re using a good email marketing tool for this purpose. Focus on attractive subject lines which generate a sense of urgency and urge people to open them and get access to some amazing deals.

Do a multi-platform social media campaign

A social media campaign is necessary for your Black Friday marketing efforts. So, you should make a series of social media posts for all of your platforms. Whether it’s Instagram or TikTok, make images and videos which highlight your tech deals and discounts.

Make sure you target the right audience with these efforts. Also track your social media performance to see how many leads you converted from there. This data analysis will help you plan your future social media campaigns as well.

Make gift guides with your products

Most tech blogs share gift guides around this time of the year. Get on board with this trend, and share a gift guide, with links to the products you are selling. Make sure you write this guide for a variety of gifting needs and cover a wide price range.

Put up these guides on your blog and on your social media pages. You can even add shopping links in your social media posts so that people can immediately click and buy the relevant products.

Offer limited-time promotions

Offer different deals and discounts for different points of Black Friday. For example, put high discounts on breakfast-related appliances in the morning, televisions in the afternoon, and mobile devices in the evening. This will keep your audience engaged with your tech sale throughout the day. They will also keep checking what deals you have to offer from time to time, improving your traffic and sales.

Make sure you market these promotions well before time, so that people are prepared and have a sense of excitement when they drop by to check out your sale.

Create product bundles

Creating gift and product bundles will help you go a long way. Create holiday gift bundles for families, friends, and any groups you can think of. This way, buyers will get a bundle of similar products that covers a large chunk of their shopping list.

Make a number of different bundles, and market them across all your platforms. Offer gift packaging and delivery options for these bundles as well, to make things even more convenient for your customers.

Use a Black Friday spin wheel

Make things interactive with a spin wheel on your website and on your premises, if you have a physical store. This spin wheel should include various enticing options like heavy discounts, free gifts, gift cards, and much more. When people make purchases, they can spin this wheel and see what they get.

Make sure you showcase this wheel and its exciting prizes in your marketing campaigns. Also make sure you have major deals on a few big-ticket items, so that people are tempted to buy from your store for the chance to get those pieces at a really good price.

Subvert the narrative

Some companies are taking a really different route when it comes to Black Friday. This is because it is getting harder and harder to stand out at this time. Tech sales are a dime a dozen at this time of year, so you can change things up by going down a different route. Announce that you’re not doing Black Friday this year, and then offer excellent deals at a different time.

You can even set the narrative that you care about your audience throughout the year by announcing discounts on different products with a time limit. For example, you can offer discounts on mobile devices one week, televisions the next, and more. This anti-Black Friday tech sale technique will capture people’s attention.

So, there are a lot of ways you can promote your tech sale this Black Friday. You should plan your campaigns well in advance so that you can stand out from the crowd.

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