7 Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

Bomber Jacket Outfits for Men 2022

A long while ago I reviewed the Alpha Industries MA-1 Skymaster Flight/Bomber Jacket, and included a lookbook video, but only featured one simple street style outfit. Now I want to expand upon the review and show 6 additional ways to style the ever versatile bomber jacket.

In addition to the Alpha Industries bomber, I’ll also be styling a tan, suede bomber jacket which is highly versatile in its own right.

But enough talk, let me show you how I’m styling the trendy bomber jacket this season.

The bomber jacket is truly a classic for men. Even many women love it right now. This timeless outwear piece comes to the table with a huge variety of interesting styles, being suitable for so many occasions. Bomber jackets are versatile and fashionable. They can keep you warm during winters and make a statement as they perfectly complete numerous casual outfits. If you want to look your best with a bomber jacket, look no further. The advice below can help you.

The bomber jacket is the classic military flight jacket we saw appear during World War I, all as pilots needed durable and warm flying outerwear. As time passed, the bomber jacket ended up being adopted by civilians. It is traditionally made out of leather but modern materials also include polyester, nylon, suede and even wool.

Bomber jackets are characterized by hem and ribbed cuffs, front zip closures and defined necklines. Various styles appeared along the years so this classic jacket can be bought in various fits, colors and styles.

Wearing the bomber jacket is nowadays possible in various ways. However, before you style it, you need to pick a type. Here are some you should know more about:

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