6 Essential Tips For Styling Tissot Watches With Your Outfit

A watch is one of those few accessories worn and adored by both men and women. If chosen correctly, it can become an expression of your personality. Whether you use a watch for its primary purpose of telling time or to show off your status symbol, a watch can make or break your entire outfit. For example, if you pair a bulky sports watch with a fine wool twill suit, it can make you look out of style. Similarly, even a simple thrift store jacket can look expensive with a shiny dress watch. 

Tissot watches are known for their simplicity, versatility and sophistication. You can choose a wristwatch for everyday use or special occasions from their beautiful collection of watches. However, you must know how to style Tissot watches with your outfit. 

Here’s How To Wear Tissot Watches With Your Outfit

Choose The Correct Hand

Most people need clarification on which wrist to style the watch on. The answer is simple and logical. Style your watch on your non-dominant hand. It means that if you are right-handed, you should wear your Tissot watches on your left wrist. The logic behind doing so lies in the fact that wearing a watch on the non-dominant hand prevents it from getting scratched and scraped. Also, by doing so, you can separate your watch and other hand jewellery, such as a bracelet. 

Choose the Right Fit

Luxury watches such as Tissot watches should always fit nicely on your wrist. Wear your watch such that the strap sits just before your wrist bone and the watch lugs do not go past the edge of the wrist. In case you buy your watch online, make sure to measure your wrist size before you place an order. The basic rule states that your watch should slide only an inch up or down when you move your arm.

Match Tissot Watches With Belt or Shoes

Another essential tip for styling your watch with your outfit is to match the colour of your shoes or belt. Match the leather strap with other leather pieces. For example, style a black wristband with black shoes, a brown one with brown shoes, etc. You can style a silver or gold watch band with both black and brown colours. 

Tissot watches with interchangeable strap systems make great choices for those who have shoes in a variety of colours. However, make sure you do not have to match the exact colour; just a similar tone should do. When it comes to jeans, you can opt for leather straps which make a perfect choice for most events, but gold and silver bands also work well if they complement your outfit. 

Match Other Metal Accessories

The metal frame around your watch should complement other metal accessories that you sport. For example, you can match a gold watch frame with a golden belt buckle or gold ring. Remember the colour of other accessories, such as cufflinks, clips on shoes and waistcoats, etc., so that all the accessories have the same tone. 

For an outfit with earthy colours, opt for a gold-toned watch, while you can go for a silver one with blue, black or grey outfits. You can play around with the shapes and finishes of your watch frames, such as square, round, oval or matte, shiny, inlaid, etc. 

Take Note of the Formality of the Event

Tissot watches come in wide ranges and carry different levels of formality. Recent technological developments have made watches do more than just tell the time. Watches can now show notifications, take and make calls, turn daylight savings on and off automatically, count your steps, calories burned, distance travelled, track your GPS coordinates, and check your calendar through gadget watches, and of course, tell time!

However, it would be best if you always noted the event’s formality before choosing your watch. Mentioned below is an easy guide.

  • Most formal: Dress watches class and simplicity together. Hence they are the most formal ones. Imagine a watch with a plain white face and a smart leather band. Formal and stylish. 
  • Most casual: Divers watches are the most casual ones out there, yet they come loaded with style. 
  • Business Casual: Tissot Chrono watches complement those light-coloured suits with no neckties. Sports watches also make a good choice as the durability gives you the freedom to focus on your activity. 

Mind the Shirt Cuff

Never wear your watch over or around the cuff. The best way to sport Tissot watches is by wearing them half-covered by the shirt sleeve. The same goes for long-sleeved tops, sweaters, and coats. 


Those who appreciate fine horology and like to look good know that good watches can amp up their style quotient. Now that you know how to pair Tissot watches with your outfit, all you need to do is buy Tissot watch. You can have one for everyday use, business meetings, and special occasions.  

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