6 Easy Tips to Secure Your Home Without a Security Camera 

Even though CCTV security cameras are quite a common form of protection from unwanted intruders, many homes do not have such a system installed. 

The number one reason can be that not everyone can afford to install a video surveillance camera. But it does not mean that you can’t secure your home otherwise.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to secure your home without installing a security camera. 

Lock Doors and Windows 

Even though it is a common suggestion, many people still forget to lock the back door and windows sometimes. Not all burglars try to break in at night so you must keep the doors locked at all times.  

If the intruders find it hard to break in, then they will switch to another target. 

To secure your windows, put up bars or grills as an extra protection layer. Plant thorny bushes around your window or get a dog to protect your house.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Improve your home security by installing motion detector lights at the front door. It is a cheap option that gives you an alert when someone enters the front area of your home. 

Even though the lights may turn on even when your neighbor’s cat walks by, it is still a great option for security.

Keep Your Valuables Safe 

Another important task is to secure cash, jewelry, and other valuables from theft. Make sure to keep your valuables hidden in a browning safe that is made of strong material.

Avoid keeping cash on visible sights such as on tables. Keep your jewelry and wallet in your bedroom before you go to sleep. 

Close the Garage Door

Unless you are using the garage, make sure to keep it locked. Keeping the door open not only lets in lots of insects but also provides an open invitation for burglars to enter. 

You can add automation to enhance your home security and control things with a smart device. Control locks, lights, and your garage door with residential security systems

Secure Your Spare Keys 

You should not overlook the importance of keeping your spare keys hidden. Even though having a spare key is a great relief when you forget to take one when going out, make sure to find a great hiding place for them. Only tell about it your family members and not even your neighbors. 

Avoid placing it under the doormat or near a flower pot. It is a common way to hide the spare keys as anyone can find them within a minute. 

Ask Your Neighbours or Friend for Help

When you are away on vacation, ask your neighbors or someone close to you to look after the home. Ask your neighbor to collect the newspaper or mail from your driveway, otherwise, it would give off the impression that your house is empty at the moment. It can attract the attention of burglars. 

Also, tell your neighbors how long you will be away as it will help them identify if a person wandering around your home is a guest or an intruder. Make sure to keep at least one light bulb turned on before you leave for the vacation.

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