5 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow

Web Development Blogs

New technologies and best practices emerge all the time in the realm of Web Development Blogs. Even though it can be difficult to keep up with everything, there are numerous terrific blogs that can assist. You should read the following if you want to learn how to build websites:

Developer Drive

Developer Drive is a website that provides classes, articles, and tools to help web developers improve their abilities and stay up to date on the newest trends and best practices. These Web Development Blogs are discusses a variety of topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other web development tools. Developer Drive features conversations with well-known web developers and industry experts. It also examines web development tools and resources. The website’s purpose is to help developers learn new skills and stay up to date on industry news so they can create better websites and online apps.

Simple Programmer

John Sonmez is a software engineer and blogger who operates the Simple Programmer website and YouTube channel. The blog and YouTube channel are designed to help software professionals enhance their skills, jobs, and personal lives. The site’s articles, videos, courses, podcasts, and other content address a wide range of themes. Including programming, professional development, productivity, soft skills, and other topics.

  • Simple Programmer discusses a wide range of topics, including programming languages such as Python, Java, and C#.
  • Agile and Scrum software development methodologies
  • This career development handbook for software developers includes advice on networking and interviewing.
  • Time management and task completion for developers
  • Ability to lead and communicate are examples of soft skills.

Simple Programmer also provides online classes and coaching for developers to help them learn and improve their skills. Simple Programmer’s mission is to provide software professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to advance in their professions and achieve their goals.


CodeNewbie is a website with a community and tools for people who are new to coding or wish to learn how to code. The site’s purpose is to enable those who are new to coding learn and advance in their jobs. People are encouraged to chat about their experiences and ask questions in this welcoming and open community.

Participants can share their coding experiences on the website via a blog, a podcast, and a weekly Twitter discussion (#CodeNewbies). The site contains lectures and articles about various programming languages and tools, as well as personal experiences and advice from other coders. Interviews on the “CodeNewbie Podcast” feature software developers, designers, and other business specialists. In these interviews, they discuss how they got started in the profession and the challenges they faced.

The website includes free tools for those who wish to learn to code. Such as a list of coding bootcamps, a list of coding podcasts, and a list of coding meetings and events. CodeNewbie is an excellent resource for beginners who are just getting started with coding. Because it includes a welcoming community, useful tools, and motivation from others in the same boat. is a website and blog that provides courses, articles and tools. To assist web developers improve their skills and stay current with new trends and best practices. Among other topics, the site discusses web development, front-end development, back-end development, and full-stack development. Even for those who are just getting started, the courses and materials on the site are simple to follow and comprehend. discusses a wide range of topics, including:

  • JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue Express, and Node.js frameworks are used on the back end.
  • Database management with MySQL and MongoDB
  • Git and GitHub are both version control tools.
  • Methods for creating websites and the best approach to accomplish it also sells paid e-books and online courses that cover a wide range of topics in depth. There is also a YouTube channel where webinars and video courses can be found.’s mission is to provide developers with the tools and information. They need to advance their careers and create outstanding web applications.


Codrops is a web design and development blog. That assists web designers and developers in creating cutting-edge websites and online apps. It provides tools, lessons, and articles to assist with this. The website is primarily concerned with providing ideas. And instructions for creating current and appealing online designs and user interfaces. By utilizing cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

Codrops discusses a wide range of topics, including:

  • CSS transitions and animations
  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React, and Vue
  • Methods and trends in web design
  • Interface design and user experience
  • Mobile web design and responsive web design

Codrops also offers paid content such as e-books, templates, and lessons that go into greater detail on specific themes. There are also a lot of free items on the internet, including as icon sets, UI kits, and so on. Codrops is an excellent tool for web designers and developers who want to keep up. With the current trends in web design and development and discover new approaches. To create visually appealing and engaging websites.

These are just a few of the many excellent Web Development Blogs available. You can keep up with the newest advancements in the sector and improve your skills as a web developer by reading these blogs.

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