5 ways to wish a long-distance girlfriend Happy Birthday

5 ways to wish a long-distance girlfriend Happy Birthday

It is vital to keep your partner happy in every aspect when you both are in a relationship. Even if it is a long-distance relationship, the message should still convey long-lasting love and affection. There are several ways to raise the spirits of your beloved on her special day. You must select thrilling flowers with a gift card, teddy bear, chocolates, or her favorite pendant. 

Make sure to make her feel special on her birthday by sending her a cute surprise bouquet early in her doorway. These gifts should boost her essence and tell her that you will be there in all her ups and downs. We are here to propose your love to her with the best online flower delivery in Waterville ME.

Send Roses with a Love Card –

It is true that they say that love has no language. On her birthday, astonish her with a beautiful collection of flowers and a love card. Write a love letter with a pick-up line or just simply tell how much you love her. A bouquet full of roses will denote the true feelings of love, passion, and strength you both have in your relationship. Red roses are the most common of all flowers to display immense love, affection, and devotion. You can also add white roses to the bouquet to tell her about her innocence, purity, and virtuous heart. Pink roses will benefit the bouquet with a soft and elegant touch while signifying the femininity and grace of your pretty girl. Get from here

Send blossoms to represent her beauty and refinement –

Blossoms like lilies, daisies, and carnations will be perfect to shower your love on your beloved. Lilies are prominent for symbolizing grace, trust, prosperity, and gratitude. Give her red lilies for showing passion and desire for love. One of the other romantic and captivating flowers is a daisy. You can choose blue daisies for a long-term relationship where you have built a bond of faith and eternal love. Orange daisies will be fitting for a special occasion like her birthday to represent enthusiasm, delight, and ecstasy. Carnations also come in various shapes and hues for denoting several intents. Gift her pink carnations for reflecting her commendable and caring nature.

Send Sunflowers with Teddy Bear –

Sunflower’s genus name is ‘Helianthus’ which originated from two Greek words ‘helios’ which means sun and ‘anthos’ referring to a flower. Sunflowers are named so because they face toward the sun. They are known for emitting vibrant and energetic vibes. They denote various meanings such as confidence, bliss, excitement, desire, and vigor. Your girlfriend might need a whole of all these emotions on her elite day. Make sure to order a sizzling bouquet of sunflowers with a teddy bear that she can cuddle with at night after a tiring day. This will inform her that you wish to be with her so a cushy teddy bear will fulfill the void.

Send flourishing florals in a dazzling vase –

It will be amazing for her to see unique flowers in a shiny glass vase. Blooms such as snapdragons, golden solidago, purple roses, hot pink gerberas, and lavenders. Solidago flowers are significant for denoting encouragement, assurance, good luck, and good fortune. Purple roses will supply royalty and splendor to the vase. You can convey your admiration, respect, and adoration for her with hot pink gerberas. You can find all the charming flowers in Waterville Maine. These shades will form a fascinating contrast to the vase reflecting all your emotions for your partner.

Send flowers according to her taste –

It is okay to select gifts as per your choice but if your girlfriend is a bit moody then you must consider her favorites as well. You would not want to upset her on her birthday. Thus, you must carefully select a glowing blossom of diverse flowers indicating different affectionate symbols. Whether it is eye-catching pink roses, blue hydrangea, or red carnations, Waterville Florist Inc has the finest kind of birthday flowers in Waterville ME


Birthdays come and go but the presents and messages you deliver to your loved ones, remain forever. Therefore, you must try to seize the moment and let them know how much they mean to you by sending a thriving gift by us with the best florist in Waterville ME.

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