5 Things to Be Cautious About When Buying a Used Jeep

5 Things to Be Cautious About When Buying a Used Jeep

Moreno Valley is home to 208,751 people and is witnessing rapid growth due to its pro-business environment. Its cost of living is 15 percent less than the state average, making it an extremely affordable city. With good housing facilities, people coming to the city are also looking for ways to save on vehicle costs. So, used jeeps are a go-to option for them.

But, before visiting the nearest jeep dealer in Moreno Valley and grabbing the best offers on used jeeps, you must do your research thoroughly. Look at the specific areas mentioned below to ensure the vehicle is worth the investment.

1. Check the undercarriage

Jeeps are excellent for off-roading. So, the jeep you are looking at may have been on some off-road trails in Sycamore Highland or Box Springs Mountain. Therefore, you must take a good look at the vehicle’s undercarriage.

The first thing that you should inspect is rust. The rust needs immediate attention if you find it on any portion of the jeep’s undercarriage. Then check the exhaust system for any apparent damages, dents, and rust. A thorough inspection can help you negotiate better and get the best deal for your money.

2. New parts and paint

Be careful about new parts and paint, as it can be evidence of prior damage. While new parts could be a good thing, it can also mean that a part of the vehicle failed or was in a wreck. On the other hand, fresh paint can conceal problems and damage the car. So, be cautious while proceeding with a vehicle purchase that has recently been repaired or painted. 

3. Skid plates

Skid plates tell a lot about the age of the jeep and the way the former owner took care of it. The plates protect the jeep’s undercarriage and guts from major obstacles and damage on the trails.

Slight dents and scratches in skid plates are normal and installed to take some hits. But, if they have rust and holes, you might want to move on to the next jeep.

4. Modifications

When contacting a jeep dealer in Moreno Valley, ask about the vehicle’s modifications. After inquiring about the mods, inspect the vehicle carefully. You must know everything about the modifications and if they are working correctly. If you feel the seller is concealing information, be cautious about proceeding with the purchase. This way, you may prevent paying for modifications that don’t even work.

5. Obvious damages

When you detect obvious damage to your vehicle, you may lower its price or move on to another one.

You must first notice cosmetic damages that are usually very minor, like scraped bumpers, dings, and scratches. While your jeep will still function despite these damages, you must scrutinize them to understand how well its former owner took care of it or if these can lead to bigger problems

in the future.

Then check for broken parts like the steering wheel, parts of the undercarriage, and seat belts. When you notice damaged parts on the jeep, you can negotiate for a lower price or even purchase a different vehicle.


Buying a used jeep can prevent you from taking the depreciation hit; hence, it is much more economical than purchasing a new one. So, if you are mindful about inspecting the car’s condition, you can make an informed purchase. Also, work with a reputable and reliable seller to secure a great deal and have peace of mind.

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