5 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Levels

What is Testosterone?

It is mainly a male sex hormone but its small amount is also found in females. It is a steroid hormone produced by the testicles and ovaries mostly. 

Testosterone starts developing the male features in boys when they come to the age of puberty. Facial hair, voice deepening, muscle strength, sperm production, etc. depend upon this hormone in males.

In females, combined with estrogen (the female sex hormone), testosterone is important for growth, reproductive tissue repair, bone mass, and behavior. 

Why Is It Necessary For Our Body?

Testosterone is essential for the health of both males and females. It stimulates the human body to produce new blood cells. It is responsible to normalize sexual function and general health. 

The fetus’s development, male reproductive organs, and the growth of hair in different body parts are due to this hormone. Bone health, fat distribution, and muscle growth also depend upon Testosterone.

In women, testosterone helps other organs to secrete necessary hormones for the menstrual cycle. 

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Unbalanced Testosterone Level

It is commonly observed that testosterone level disturbance with age that causes health issues both in males and females.

In men, if testosterone level increases, people face several health problems like low sperm counts, impotency, shrinking of the testicles, prostate enlargement, liver disease, insomnia, etc.

In the case of decreasing levels of testosterone in males, causes, low sex drive, fatigue, reduced muscle, mass, irritability, erectile dysfunction, depression, etc.

Testosterone imbalances in females can affect their physical appearance. In women, the increasing level causes acne, voice depending, excess hair on the face & body, increased muscle size, disturbance in the menstrual cycle, libido loss, mood changes, etc.

Whereas, a low level of testosterone can cause many problems in women like muscle weakness, fatigue, sleeping disorder, dullness, reduced sex drive & satisfaction, weight gain, fertility issues, vaginal dryness, menstrual cycle issues, etc.

How To Bring Testosterone To Normal Level

Surely, all the hormones in your body must be at their normal levels to lead an active and healthy life. Due to any reason, if your testosterone is not according to your body’s requirement, you can normalize it naturally by following the actions discussed here.

Diet Improvement Plan Comes First

Diet is the most crucial step to normalizing your body’s health and hormonal level. If you adopt a customized diet plan based on your body conditions, it will not only improve your general health but also remove the unbalanced conditions of hormones. For optimal testosterone levels, you must eat foods having nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, etc. 

Fatty fish are rich in vitamin D, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are helpful for hormonal health. The dark leafy green and coca products provide magnesium which is a vital mineral for normal testosterone levels in older men. Avocado provides healthy fat while eggs are rich in protein, and selenium, all are important for hormonal health.

Exercise And Strength Training Really Helpful

If you make a habit to perform regular exercise, in a few weeks you will observe its positive effect on your body improving your strength and stamina. Moreover, it will reduce the risk of diseases as well as improve the balancing hormonal level. 

Studies have proven the positive results of normal workouts and weight-lifting exercises to boost the testosterone level in the human body. Lifting heavy weight exercises increase muscle mass and trigger the body to produce more testosterone, especially in men. 

Control Stress And Negative Attitude Are Must

If you would take steps to control your stress, it will affect your normal testosterone level and overall body health. Stress causes a decline in testosterone levels that results in various other health issues.

When you experience stress, a hormone named cortisol is released in your body. The cortisol in the control level helps the body to go back to normal condition whereas if your stress is under uncontrol and your body continues to release the cortisol, consequently, it reduces the testosterone levels.  

By taking action to control your stress to a limit, you can save your body from losing its balanced testosterone levels.

Sunlight And Vitamin D Can Improve Testosterone Level

Much research has shown that sunlight can cause an incline in your testosterone level. This study was concluded after the comparison of test results taken one day earlier and after the exposure. Different health services reveal a rise in testosterone in males during summer.

Similarly, another study found a significant increase in testosterone levels in men who were given a daily dose of vitamin D supplement. This study has proved that those men who are suffering from a decline in testosterone levels can boost it by taking a prescribed vitamin D supplement. 

Supervised Herbal Supplements Works The Best

The body can increase its testosterone levels with the use of conventional testosterone replacement therapy including injections, implants, and tablets. On the other hand, herbs and supplements may assist your body in producing testosterone without any side effects. 

As Natural testosterone supplements and boosters include zinc, vitamin D, fenugreek, or ashwagandha. But it is highly recommended to consult a specialist to get a customized prescription of supplements matching your unique body conditions.

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