Are 4K Monitors Good for Gaming? What do you Think

Talking about gaming, when the integrity of other components is taken into consideration, like the graphics card or the processing system, monitors are also the ones that need to look for. The display of monitors also plays a significant role in making gaming more interesting and exciting.

With technological advancements, monitors have been upgraded. One such monitor is Gigabyte G27Q which is a budget-friendly gaming laptop. It is a low contrast ratio, wide viewing angled monitor. By low contrast, it means that in the dark, black would not appear as deep black; however, it would seem grey. It does not blur the motion and gives you a good response time.

Other than this monitor, we have reached up to 1080p to 1440p monitors, and some have gone beyond 2K to up to 4K monitors. Many of you do not have much detailed information regarding 4K monitors as they appeared in the scene a few years ago. So, here the question arises, are 4K monitors good for gaming? We will surely try to give you enough information for this impressive tech that would help you to guide better. So here we go.

So first, we need to understand the basic difference between 4K monitors with other standard ones. What resolution do they claim to have which will give gamers the experience of another level? The monitors at the start were 720p, i.e. 1280 x 720, which was further upgraded to 800p and then up to 1200p. To better understand these facts, it’s better to present them in the listing form. Look at this; you will get to know the basic difference.

720p           1280 x 720

800p           1280 x 800

1080p         1920 x 1080

1200p         1920 x 1200

1440p         2560 x 1440

1600p         2560 x 1600

4K           3840 x 2160

4K Monitors

This listing would have made it clear that 4K monitors have pixels almost three to four times the standard screens and the Full HD displays, also known as UHD. Since 4K laptops have made their way to the market recently, there is no chance they could get beat by further upgraded technology any sooner. So, if the question arsis, are 4K monitors good for gaming? Then feel free to give a heads-up and invest in the 4K gaming monitors.


Safe investment

However, you need to understand here that 4K monitors were costly when they initially entered the market. From that time to this time, a remarkable price reduction has been experienced within a few years. Therefore, thinking if 4K monitors are good for gaming? Then, a further decrease in the prices could be expected. 

But, if we are talking about the future, by the time 4K prices get moderately low, the 5K displays might get a heads up. This we are not talking about the near future. So chill; we have many years to go.

Big screens and better visuals

Let’s discuss some further positive aspects of 4K monitors to understand better, are 4K monitors are good for gaming? One of them is the bigger screens and the up-to-the-mark resolutions. As we all know, in full HD screens, the “sweet spot” comes around the 24-inch diagonal dimension, which means that the individual pixels on the screen would be visible after this spot.

The person would no longer be able to make a closer view. However, this is the plus point of 4K monitors. The resolution quality has increased, and amazing in-depth picture quality is witnessed, making you enjoy the moment. Experiencing that factor would help you understand are 4K monitors good for gaming? Even the smaller details could be noticed.

However, unlike those Full HD screens, the “sweet spot” in 4K monitors comes around 27 inches. It means that viewers witness an uncomfortable close-up view when the image goes bigger on these screens.



Though, after the years of their invention, 4K monitors cost has decreased but are still expensive; those that are specialized for gaming are even more costly. Considering, are 4K monitors good for gaming? Then again, what we need to understand here, is that what is needed is not a 4K monitor.

You would need a high graphics processor, 4K monitor, relevant technology such as AMD FreeSync, high processing speed, low response rate, and mega storage. That’s all the package you require, actually, so being able to get one thing would not give you the required results.

So buying 4K monitor and then not utilizing it properly would not be worthy it. No 4K monitor would be less than $500 unless you are lucky enough to get a mega discount.


Standard graphics cards do not support 4K monitors. Currently, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are the only ones used in 4K monitors and can run AAA games. Therefore, it’s clear that you would also require strong hardware for using 4K monitors. GTX 1080 Ti can play 60 FPS in 4K monitors. However, GTX 1070 Ti could produce up to 30 FPS.

This limitation raises further concerns to question that are 4K monitors are good for gaming?


For owning 4K monitors, the fact should also be considered that not all programs or games support 4K resolutions. Therefore, running the programs or playing the games are better adaptable to 1080p or 2160p and would look more perfect at those resolutions rather than 4K monitors.

However, apart from designing programs, especially for 4K monitors, some older versions have been upgraded to support these mega resolutions.


After going through the abovementioned points, do you think 4K monitors are worthy enough? Are 4K monitors good for gaming? So the answer is, yes, it is. The resolution and the in-depth quality you are hoping for are not possible for 1080p or even 1440p. However, that is only possible for 4K monitors. But whether you need it or not or something you need to think of.

We would say, if you are up for a powerful gaming rig, you can give a heads-up to 4K monitor. But what if your situation and requirement is flexible, and you do not require 4K resolution all the time? Then you can think of upgrading your PC. Having a 2K monitor and upgrading it to 4K may be the solution to that. Though the price difference is small, this is still a cost-effective solution. By doing this, you can still have the option to stay to 2K monitor and 4K is still the option whenever needed.

If you are still looking for more options to stay up to your budget, then 1080p would still not be the bad option. Switch to that, and the hardware required would not be costly too. You can then have some time to save up your balance to return with a bang.

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