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I don’t know what the rumors were about Ms. Hetal Shah.  I don’t know what rich professionals in the United States had heard about Hetal.  I don’t know if they took any actions when they heard about Hetal.

Hetal went through some challenging times in her 30’s.  Life was not that bad, because she visited some stylish restaurants, plays, concerts and museums.  She did some airplane travel in the US in her early 30’s, and she was sexually active in her early 30’s.  Hetal had some well-educated and sophisticated personal friends in the United States.  Certain social and professional organizations knew Hetal, but she was not getting invitations to give public speeches.  She did not receive invitations for restaurant appointments from enough professionals.  She did not want to become less competent or less well-known before meeting rich professionals.  Hetal could not believe that her friends had forgotten about her.  Hetal could not believe that she could not make new friends that were already rich.  Hetal did not want to become unprofessional.  Hetal started writing a lot.

Hetal started a Youtube channel called Superhetalshah:

Hetal started a blog called Startups Coach:

Hetal conducts seminars on topics such as Startups Pitch Decks, Minimum Viable Products, Product Roadmaps, Business Models, Strategic Partnerships, and Product-Market fit. 

Hetal is now a 50 year-old professional lady based in Boston.  She has had a Linkedin profile for over 13 years.  She is an immigrant from Mumbai.  She has a degree in engineering.  She is a divorcee with no kids.  Hetal has been living in the Boston area for decades.  Has Hetal been getting offers to do high-end freelancing projects?  Has Hetal been praised by the Boston Globe newspaper?  Has she been getting enough invitations to meet friends at restaurants and museums in Boston?  Hetal can be reached at [email protected].

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