How to choose a household spoon


Spoons are necessary tableware in our daily life, and every household must have a spoon. But a small spoon also has a certain amount of knowledge in the process of choosing and purchasing. Buying the wrong spoon and using the wrong spoon may cause physical discomfort. So, how do we choose spoons in our daily life 


  1. There are many types of spoons, and there are also many materials for making spoons. Although different spoons mostly have the same function, when choosing a spoon, you should choose according to the material and type of the spoon.
  2. When choosing a plastic spoon, choose a clean plastic spoon. Plastic spoons are made of special chemical materials and come in many colors. When choosing, it is best to choose plain plastic spoons, because plain plastic spoons do not use too much pigment, there will be no paint and pigment peeling when using, and there is less harm to the human body. At the same time, check the content of heavy metals such as lead and chromium in plastic spoons, and choose spoons with low heavy metal content.
  3. When choosing a wooden spoon, choose a wooden spoon with texture. Wooden spoons are also the spoons that many families will choose, made of wood. When choosing a wooden spoon, choose a spoon with a smooth surface, fine texture, and texture. Such a wooden spoon is well-made and easier to use.
  4. When choosing a stainless steel spoon, choose a corrosion-resistant spoon. The stainless steel spoon is made of stainless steel. The quality of the stainless steel spoon mainly depends on the quality of the stainless steel material. Nowadays, generally speaking, spoons made of 304 stainless steel are selected. This kind of stainless steel is food-grade and relatively safe. In addition, when choosing a stainless steel spoon, choose a spoon with a smooth and thick surface, which is more resistant to high temperature and corrosion.  ebay Discount Code NHS
  5. When choosing a porcelain spoon, choose a crystal clear spoon. Porcelain spoons are also commonly used spoons, and good-looking porcelain spoons can give people a sense of beauty. When choosing porcelain spoons, you should choose some porcelain spoons that look shiny and have a sense of crystal clearness. Such porcelain spoons are fired in place, with high crystallization density, high strength of the porcelain surface, and a crystal-clear feeling.
  6. In addition to paying attention to the selection when choosing a spoon, there are also some points that need attention when using a spoon. For example, the baby’s spoon should be used exclusively and cannot be mixed with the adult’s spoon; moldy wooden spoons must be thrown away and cannot be reused; cracked plastic spoons and thin stainless steel spoons cannot be used, etc.


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How to use a spoon to make life easier

  • The magic method of spoon


  • Peel the fruit. Kiwi: Cut off both ends, turn the spoon, and separate the flesh from the skin.
  • Make a circle along the center and turn the spoon to separate the flesh from the skin.
  • peel. Taro, Ginger: Use the tip of a spoon to scrape off the skin of the taro or ginger.
  • food tongs. The two spoons are fixed with adhesive tape on both sides of the long tail clip respectively.
  • Peel the eggs. Tap the egg lightly with the tip of the spoon. After peeling part of the shell, insert the tip of the spoon into the shell and turn the spoon.
  • Cut the egg into two pieces and take it out with a spoon.
  • Uncap the bottle. Use the tip of a spoon to pry along the cap.
  • Curling eyelashes: Cover the eye sockets with the head of a spoon, press the eyelashes up with your fingers, and brush the eyelashes with an eyelash brush to prevent brushing on the eyes.

How to draw a spoon with simple strokes

Spoons are used every day in our lives, especially for babies who eat every day. There are various shapes of spoons. But the drawing method is basically the same, now let’s learn how to draw the spoon.


  • pen, paper
  1. Get pen and paper ready, let’s draw an arc first.
  2. Then draw another arc below it.
  3. Next, draw a semicircle, and the basic status of the spoon will come out.
  4. Then draw the long handle of the spoon. Next the spoon completes the painting.
  5. Then draw a pattern on the handle of the spoon, and fill in the color at intervals.
  6. Finally, fill the spoon with the color you like. Finish.

How to Pick the Right Spoon

Spoon is an important utensil for delivering food. If the spoon is not selected properly, it will bring a series of problems, such as the introduction of germs or difficulty in controlling the amount. Therefore, we must choose different spoons according to different situations in order to deliver food handily . Today, the editor will take stock. Toilet Accessories

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